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Your results may vary. But I know your experience will change you.

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Alexa, CA

“I just feel very very relaxed.”

Morgan , NY

It was like I was asleep, but awake at the same time!

Lisa, MI

I was out in space and completely at peace.

Bart S.

I was out in space, then fighting a monster with a
sword. I cut the monster open and it was hollow. All the energy from inside it rushed towards me and turned into golden wings. Then I flew around the universe (...having more meaningful experiences)...This WAS NOT a dream! It was real.

Erin F.

I saw my sister (with whom there were lifelong issues) in a mirror and just kept beaming love to her. Eventually, she disappeared and I flew up to heaven. Then I saw God. Then I became God.

Kimberly M.

I saw an old Native American woman singing by afire.
I approached and saw that the smoke was her prayers
going up to heaven. I followed the smoke to heaven
and two angels greeted me and showed me my life

Jamie C.

I came in feeling like I was stuck and needed something to change, but didn’t know what. Afterward, I could not believe how great I felt. I’ve never felt this good in my life!

Wounded Warrior

I was standing and facing the white wolf who accompanied me on my first and many other sessions. He started changing very rapidly. A wolf. A bear. A tiger. Many other animals. Leah’s words came back to me, she called me a chameleon. It kept changing. A tree. A giantcrystal. A woman made out of crystals. A woman made out of metal.A human woman. We embraced. We became intertwining trees. We became the sun and the moon. I was a warrior. Wounded from battle. Many people were Healing me in every imaginable way: medicine, massage, acupuncture, crystals, energy, water. I was training other warriors. Younger and less experienced. They were going through a baptism that I was leading. They were submerged in a pool of water. There was a particularly young warrior, and I was explaining to everyone else there that he would stay behind us and be the most protected. The vision changed again, and I was amongst people who had been fighting. But I was able to stop the fight. We were all in some sort of shared dream where they couldn’t touch or hurt each other. I explained to them that they were safe and that we were there to talk. So when we woke up there would be no more fighting.I was running with wolves. I became a white werewolf and kept running with them, and then I became some sort of mix between a werewolf and a dragon and started flying.

Overcome Fear

A 66-year-old female came in feeling terrified. She was afraid
she had Parkinson’s disease. She had just been tested and was
waiting to hear back with the results of the diagnosis. She was
wracked with fear that the test would confirm that diagnosis.
Because she was so distraught, I said, “Let’s just get rid of that
fear.” Afterward, she felt a great relief. She later contacted me to
say that the test had come back positive, but she was at peace with
It. She was free of the troubling emotional component, and that
opened up all sorts of synchronicities for her. She found herself
encountering people who “just happened” to be working on
innovative therapies and another who had become completely free of
all symptoms. Her condition has continued to improve and she feels
comfident that she will also overcome the disease. She’s learned that
stressful circumstances trigger the symptoms and now sees the
symptoms as a blessing that’s letting her know when she needs to
make changes in her life.

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