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The Ultimate Upgrade

Vibrational medicine is a method to create the feeling of being safe and
at peace within yourself

Discover your life purpose.

Remove blocks and barriers to happiness.

Connect with your authentic self. 
Be the best version of yourself…and feel amazing! 

  • Feeling rejuvenated

  • Integrate your life purpose

  • Neutralize unconscious fears

  • Decrease anxiety

  • Permanently release things

  • Eliminate persistent discomfort

  • Attract functional relationships

  • Connect spiritually to your being

  • Experience lasting inner peace

The sessions are  designed To inspire, relax and recharge

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Start feeling the benefits

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Visit the Soul Spa

Become empowered to transform challenges into growth opportunities


"I’ve been in practice for over 15 years and built a soundproof, EMF-shielded structure for the study and practice of Vibrational  Medicine." - John St. Claire

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