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People have a spectrum of experiences from:

“I just feel very very relaxed.”


“It was like I was asleep, but awake at the same time!”


“I was out in space and completely at peace.”


I came in feeling like I was stuck and needed something to change, but didn’t know what. Afterwards, I CANNOT believe how great I feel. I’ve never felt this good in my life!


“I was out in space, then fighting a monster with a sword. I cut the monster open and it was hollow. All the energy from inside it rushed towards me and turned into golden wings. Then I flew around the universe (…having more meaningful experiences)….This WAS NOT a dream! It was real.”


“I saw an old native American woman singing by a fire. I approached and saw that the smoke was her prayers going up to heaven. I followed the smoke to heaven and two angels greeted me and showed me my life purpose.”


“I saw my sister(with whom there was lifelong issues) in a mirror and just kept beaming love to her. Eventually she disappeared and I flew up to heaven…. Then I saw God…. Then I became God.”

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