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Anecdotal accounts of gong therapy indicate intense physical and psychological transformations. However, no rigorous scientific study of this phenomenon nor measurement of how it can modify health has been undertaken. This project will investigate the effects of gong therapy on multiple health outcomes.

This is a 3 part research project designed to:
(1) Measure the effects of gong therapy compared to recordings.
(2) Determine the optimum physical orientation for gong therapy.
(3) Compare efficacy for chronic versus acute conditions.

Participants will provide a salivary sample to measure cortisol and
Immunoglobulin-A before and after a 20-minute experience with an 80” German gong.

They will also complete the Numerical Pain Scale and the Depression, Anxiety, & Stress Scale before and after each experience. A cross-over design will be used so that participants in each study will have both experiences. These studies will determine if changes in physiological and psychological states are primarily due to hearing the sound
of the gong or to the effect of the direct sound waves on the body, in addition to which features of the experience elicit the greatest measurable effects.

Data will be analyzed to determine if there is any measurable change in physical biomarkers and if there is a correlation between these measurements and self-reported states of being. This project will provide critical information on the effectiveness of gong therapy, which may serve as a safe alternative for improving physical and mental health.

Private and corporate sponsors are being sought with donations and disbursements administered by the Globe Sound Healing Foundation 501(c)(3).

Here’s a link describing the technology used
for the measurement of salivary biomarkers. CLICK HERE

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