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John St. Claire

I have been practicing Vibrational Medicine for over 15 years
and have helped thousands of private clients. I’ve studied
with many internationally recognized scientists and spiritual
teachers and trained in a long list of complementary healing
modalities. I’m also been an award winning fingerstyle guitar
player, teacher, and sound designer for theater and feature
I have interesting and compelling research results which point to a
new and unique way of perceiving the human condition and how we
can facilitate changes to improve it. My research on these topics has
been well received at international scientific conferences.
I continue to see private clients, teach workshops on Sound,
Crystals and Consciousness and do research on multiple aspects of
Vibrational Medicine.

Professional Associations and Memberships 

The Society for Consciousness Studies 

• The Science of Consciousness 

• Association for Integrative Psychology 

• Sound Healing Research Foundation 

• Sound Healers Association 

• Professional Member of ISSSEEM 

(International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine)



• MA in vibrational medicine, California Institute for Human Science 

• B. A. in Music, San Diego State University

• A. A. Digital Audio Recording, Mira Costa College

• A. A. Live Sound Reinforcement, Mira Costa College

Navy School of Music, Guitarist Navy Band

Training and Certification 
• NeuroLinguistic Programming Master Practitioner Certification. 
• Hypnosis Master Practitioner Certification. 
• Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner Certification. 
• Gongmaster Certification with Don Conreaux. 
• Matrix Energetics Advanced Practitioner certification. 
• Quantum Sphere Healing Certification. 
• Ongoing private study (20+ years) with a Native American Wintu Medicine Woman.

• Tibetan Bowl School of Sound Healing. 
• Drunvalo Melchizedek meditation workshops. 
• Tom Kenyon - volunteer facilitating multiple workshops on sound, meditation, & consciousness. 
• Marcel Vogel multiple workshops on healing with quartz crystals 
• Pranic Healing Level I, II, III, IV & V. 
• Brain Gym 1 & 2, workshops. 
• Vision Training workshop. 
• Photoreading workshops. 
• Resonance Academy Delegate 


Lifelong Areas of Continual Study 

• Science and Spirituality 

• Meditation 

• Energy Medicine 

• Sacred Geometry 

• Shamanism 

• Consciousness studies  

• Neuroscience 

• Biophysics 

Past Professional Pursuits 

• Sound and Music 

• World Religions 

• Nuclear Physics  

• Cosmology and Astrophysics

• Oceanography 

• Natural History 

• Archeology 

• Indigenous Cultures 

• World History  

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