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Gongs and Chakra Resonance

John St. Claire

Mar 3, 2023

A literary review

There is a popular belief that chakras are related to musical notes with the root chakra  starting at C and ascending through the chakras along the C Major scale (white notes of the  piano, C D E F G A B). There is zero evidence for this and it appears to have become a cultural  myth in the 1970’s (Anderson, 2018). 

The results of an unpublished study by PhiSonics (Anderson, 2018) indicated that the  frequency for the resonance of each chakra varied by individual and there was no discernible  pattern other than lower frequencies appeared to stimulate lower chakras and higher frequencies  the higher chakras. Since each individual is different and the gong contains every frequency, this  may point to one mechanism for change created by modulation of chakras and other components  of the human biofield. This is speculative, can’t be directly measured, and can only be alluded to  by indirect methods and subjective reports of highly sensitive individuals. 

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